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Friday, August 12, 2011

A Home Out of a Water Tower

While reading the New York Post, I came across this article of Life in a Belgian Water Tower.  Check out the pictures:

This water tower was purchased for about $43k.

Living Room sitting at 98 feet high.

Kids' bedroom on the 3rd floor.

Master Bathroom with original down pipe was preserved.

Family bathroom takes up the entire 4th floor - love the free standing tub.

Heart of the Home: The Kitchen.

Staircase leading up to the master bedroom.

Even the cat gets his own home (a compartment set behind the kitchen wall)

Hope you enjoy the pictures - til next time.


  1. hmmmm, very interesting. I could totally live with the bathtub and the stairs.

  2. Ohmygosh ... how cool is this ?! What a steal of deal to buy the tower ... don't know that I'd want to be up *that* high; however, the homeowners made it such a beautiful and unique home! Thanks for sharing ... and, THANK you for your sweet, sweet comment about my wine label hurrican! You always say the nicest things ... I really appreciate it. Have a great weekend (and glad you're back with your computer)!

  3. Thanks, that was fun! Hum, I didn't see the elevator!



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