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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Kissed By A Frog {I Won!}


I am so very late in posting this, but you must know I only check my mailbox on payday (that would be twice a month for me).  I was out of town this past weekend and Sunday evening when I got home, I went straight to my mailbox and this lovely gift had been sitting in my box waiting for me for who knows how long...

My friend Jenni @ Kissed By A Frog (please check out her blog) had a giveaway and I was one of the lucky winners!

Check out my lovely gift:

Here's the package that was waiting for me in my mailbox

Jewelry Box {I couldn't wait to see what it was}

Jenni's business card and two pairs of earrings

...and a matching ring

Thank you, Jenni for the lovely gift!  I promise to take a picture when I'm all dolled up and wearing the beautiful jewelry.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Restoration Hardware {Deal of the Year}

Hi Everyone!  Hope you all had a wonderful weekend - I know I did! :D

Saturday night (around 7.30pm) the boyfriend had a GREAT idea.  He told me "let's take a trip to Resto Hardware because I need to get some pillows."  He did not have to tell me twice - I love Restoration Hardware, especially the outlet store - so we ventured to the outlets in San Marcos...Twenty minutes later, we walked in the store, I was minding my own business, admiring all the beautiful stuff - Resto always has nice things @ their outlet and their prices are good - sometimes.  I came across this 3-drawer night stand that I have been wanting to get for a while now (but not for $995).  When I saw the price @ $299 I was ecstatic and quickly found a salesperson and told her I was interested in buying the night stand which was tagged @ 299.  I also asked her to give me the measurements.  She grabbed a measuring tape and gave me measurements.  I asked her if it would be taller with the legs to which she mentioned "Oh! I almost forgot, this one is missing the legs." and I said "Oh...ok....well, can you ask your manager if I can get an additional discount." LOL  her reply "I doubt he will give you a discount b/c it is already $299 and it retails for $995."  I said "I know, but this is an outlet store so would you please ask him...please." she said "Let me check and I will be right back but we usually lower the price every two weeks..." the boyfriend jumps in - [in the meantime I'm thinking "Jon, if you ruin what I'm trying to work here I'm going to kill you] - and says "It hasn't been lowered since 6/27 so that's about two weeks."  The lady says "I'll be right back."  She came back with a big smile and told me "He [the manager] will lower it to $100."  I looked at the boyfriend and said "I'll take it."  Can you believe this night stand retailed for $995 and I got a 90% discount of $895.50 so the night stand cost me $99.50!!! WOW!!!!  This is definitely the deal of the year!!!  It is missing the 4 legs, but God willing, I am on my way to Home Depot tomorrow after work to find some legs for my beautiful night stand...

So, here's a picture of the night stand I bought (I got this picture from the Resto website since my night stand is still in my SUV).  Remember that mine is missing the legs...and a picture of my receipt, along with Jon's pillows...why did I get stuck paying for those?!? ;)

As soon as I find some sexy legs for my night stand I will post new the meantime, I hope you enjoy these two...

Restoration Hardware Night Stand


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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Royal Comfort {The Wingback Chair}

As we all know, wingback chairs have been around for a very long time.  I remember growing up my parents had a pair of these chairs in their living room.  These chairs are designed for complete relaxation and rest.  Lately, I have seen wingback chairs used in the kitchen/dining rooms in their king and queen position.  Check out these inspirational pictures!  Would you consider adding wingback chairs to your dining room and/or kitchen space?  If I had the space, I would definitely add them -- what a statement they would make!


Love the Slipcovered Chairs:

Dream Kitchen:

Great Colors:


My Favorite:

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