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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

{The Ugly Duckling}

I am not much of a DIY-er; however, I am excited to share this project with you!  I found this beautiful mirror that I needed wanted, but couldn't afford it.  I decided to put my brain to use and came up with the following! :)

The Inspirational Piece:  $599.

This is how it all started . . .

I found this ugly clock on clearance @ Hobby Lobby for $5.99 - nothing special about it. 

You all know about priming and spray painting so I won't bore you with that, but this is how it looked after priming it:

I left my project unattended in the garage for a couple of months and finally decided to finish it.  I took another trip to Hobby Lobby and bought a cheap mirror for under $7 (the kind used to put pillar candles on) and an 8" round wood embroidery hoop for under $2 from Michael's.  I glued the hoop to the back of the mirror and the "face" of the clock so that the mirror sticks out. :)

Here's my finished product and best of all, I spent under $20.  I am still not done with it, but I couldn't wait to share it with you!  I will be adding a little bit of rub and buff.

My DIY Mirror:  Approximately $20

(I need to hang my no attention to the "naked" window)

What do you think of my mirror - not bad compared the $600 mirror, huh?

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Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Look for Less {Cheap Chica}

I've been on the hunt for a sunburst mirror for like forever!!  Last Call Neiman Marcus had a great sale last week - 41% off everything in the store, including home decor.  I have had my eyes on this sunburst mirror from Neiman Marcus for like 6 months now and I finally took the plunge and bought it.  The mirror was originally $688 and reduced to $338.  After the 41% discount, I ended up paying about $215 for the mirror. I know, it's still expensive, but I just couldn't seem to find that "perfect" mirror for my bedroom.  After taking the mirror home, the damn color did not work - it was way too shiny for my gray walls.  I was back to square one, but on the positive, my bank account regained its money back...the mirror was way too expensive anyway and was not the "perfect" fit for my walls. . .

I then found this Golden Petals Mirror for $275...ON SALE!!!  No way; no how!

. . . and then a friend found this amazing Golden Rosette Mirror for me at Kirkland's for an amazing $59.99!!  I called my local Kirkland's to put one on hold, but they are out.  I guess I'll have to order it online, but you cannot beat the price and it's the exact same mirror sold on Horchow, but for $215 less!  What a deal!!

What amazing deals have you found?

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