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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Furniture Challenge

I am having a very difficult time coming up with a furniture arrangement for my Texas size master bedroom!


  1. Do you have enough space to put the bed between the two windows, place the loveseat at the end of the bed and the ottoman in front of that? You made need to balance that weight by adding heavier, taller window panels and create a focal point above the bed. Hopefully the chaise could remain in the corner that it's currently in.

  2. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it looks like there won't be enough space to put the furniture the way that Everything Creative suggests and still keep the chaise where it is.

    I like the idea of putting the bed between the windows and flanking it with heavy window panels (getting rid of the sheers and valences). But I also think you probably have the bed where it is currently because that's the tallest wall, which is what I would end up doing.

    My biggest problem with this room is the love seat. I keep re-arranging the furniture in my head, and every time the love seat is eliminated. I don't know if there is a television on the opposite wall, or what other purpose you have with it, but honestly, I would just take out the love seat and put the chaise in its place. Simple.

    As for the walls, the room is large enough to go as dark as you like. But judging by what you already have in there (regarding furniture), it seems that you're battling between going dark or staying light. Maybe a medium ranged mocha color might do the trick. Keeps it dark and moody at night, but not over-powering during the day.

    I would turn your rug 90 degrees, and switch out the the pieces on the wall between the window with one massive ornate antiqued silver finish mirror. And find another home for the pink lamp.

  3. Put the bed between the windows in the first shot. Angle the chaise in the opposite corner. Get rid of the love seat. It's too much furniture. Put a large piece of artwork over the bed. The arrangement I see In the first pic is too diminutive. Do not hang it too high. Most people make that mistake. The bench at the end of the bed looks too narrow and too low. You could find a pair of arm chairs to put at the end of the bed and put the table by the chaise between them. Pull the chairs out a little bit from the end of the bed. You don't want them smashed up against it.

  4. You said you had a Texas size bedroom, so I must assume that there is more room than I can see in the photo.

    I agree that the bed wall is between the two windows. Hang drapery panels on both sides of the windows and have them come just past the edge of the windows and go all the way to the side wall. This will balance the large bed. The side tables do not appear to match. The carved chest in the foreground may be used on one of the long walls and a smaller table in its place next to the bed with a lamp.

    Move the love seat to the end of the bed and get rid of the too small bench (it might fit into a walk-in closet as a place to sit an put on shoes).

    Your chaise can be put near the large window with a small table and a floor lamp for reading.

    I see two other tables in the photo, but can't make them out. One may be useful next to the bed as I explained above, otherwise, I would remove them.

    I am not sure why the one wall opposite the bed is accented. I would paint it the same color as the rest of the room. The accent should be the bed wall and with the shaped roof line between the windows.

    Take away the pink adjustable lamp on the left. Hang an arrangement of artwork above the tall headboard to show off the ceiling height.

    Your rug looks a bit undersized for this room. I would take it out. Replace it with one that is more room sized if you can afford to. It is chopping the room in half rather than making it look luxurious.

    Hope this helps.

  5. I would move the bed between the windows, move the Chaise to where the bed is now. Get rid of the pink lamp and floral accents. I agree with Lucid Design regarding the large mirror. Place it on the wall the bed is now on. Replace the rug with a larger shag style in a neutral color. Look into a Moss green colorway for the walls it's a saturated color and will work with your furniture.Place a large piece of artwork where your accent wall is now. Don't accent any walls you don't need it. Change your window treatments to panels on an ornate rod & ring . At least 2 1/2-1 fullness on your panels. Try to find a bedspread as oppossed to a comforter with several toss pillow, this will compete the look I think your trying to achieve. I would have a bench in front of the bed but a different style perhaps with arms and larger. Hope this helps


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